IMPACT 2030 Update: How YourCause Gets Involved

Kate Schoen May 3, 2016 IMPACT2030

In 2015 the United Nations launched The Global Goals to develop a partnership between corporations and NGOs to accomplish 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. This initiative aims to solve universal problems, such as poverty, pollution, and human rights injustices. Most notably this is the only UN initiative putting pressure on the private sector to measure and track their progress.

As corporations continue to build efficient and effective relationships with nonprofit partners, we’ve seen a desire in both sectors to understand beyond dollars and hours the impact of giving and volunteering–not only how many dollars, but how many vaccines, houses, or lives saved. As an industry, the need for impact measurement and accountability has long been established. Now with an initiative aligning both nonprofits and corporate interests, there is huge potential for accessible and transparent impact information.

IMPACT 2030 is a top priority for the CSR industry, but that success will depend on strong multistakeholder partnerships from nonprofits, government entities, and the private sector. So important is collaboration between partners for the Global Goals that the UN deemed it the “glue” that will hold the process together.


What YourCause is Doing

At YourCause, we are uniquely positioned to support corporate involvement for the Global Goals. Thrilled by the scope and potential of such an initiative, we’ve spent the past year researching impact measurement, identifying the needs of our nonprofit and corporate partners, and figuring out the best way we can leverage our platform to make IMPACT 2030 a success. During this time we came to the same conclusion as many of our corporate partners; nonprofit engagement is key to successful corporate engagement and impact measurement.

And here’s how we are going to do it:

  1. Build an NPO impact measurement tool called The Global Goals Gateway
  2. Develop Impact Reporting For Clients and Nonprofits
  3. Integrate IMPACT 2030 with the YourCause platform


First, we will provide our network of almost 40,000 nonprofits a tool to measure their efforts and report on what SDG’s they support and how. For IMPACT 2030, nonprofit engagement is key to successful corporate engagement and accurately tracking impact information. By collecting this information, we can also identify the organizations that make the most impact and are most effective in doing the most good. We hope to provide nonprofits with an impact profile to visualize their impact and show the outcome of their dollars and hours. In our second phase, we will use that nonprofit data to develop impact reporting for our clients. Lastly, we will integrate IMPACT 2030 into our platform to provide new ways for employees to engage with the SDG’s and raise awareness about the movement.


IMPACT 2030-pablo


We envision a way for an employee passionate about Goal 2-Zero Hunger to visit their YourCause community and engage with the SDG’s. An employee could search for organizations supporting the Zero Hunger goal, and even have a personal Impact Profile to see the true outcome of their dollars and hours.


The IMPACT Measurement Platform in Action

If nonprofits can provide information on which SDG’s their dollars and hours impact, and how effectively those dollars and hours are used, there is a huge potential for positive interactions with donors and volunteers that would increase donations and volunteer efforts. Just a few weeks ago we previewed our nonprofit impact measurement platform at our annual CSRworks conference. The excitement and immediate engagement from our clients let us know that we are moving in the right direction.

As we move closer to launching the nonprofit platform this summer, stay tuned to learn more about our plans to support IMPACT 2030 and ways to get involved with the movement. Anything we can do to make the Global Goals more achievable is a top priority, and we look forward to working along side our nonprofit and corporate partners to make the world a safer, healthier, and better place together.