Organizations Short-Listed: Providing Relief Following Hurricane Dorian

Katie Dunlap September 10, 2019 Employee Engagement

The strongest Atlantic storm since 1851; Hurricane Dorian, made landfall on September 1st, barrelling towards Abaco Island. With winds up to 185 miles per hour, Dorian sat still for three days, wreaking havoc and bringing devastation upon millions of Bahamians. 


Here we are a week later with estimated property losses of more than $7 billion and a reported death toll of 43 and rising, the Bahamas are in desperate need of support and compassion from neighbors. Complete recovery and replenishment of survivors’ needs in the Bahamas will take years, however an urgent and thoughtful response immediately following this disaster could provide hope and restoration to some at their most vulnerable.


If you are looking for ways to make an impact in the Bahamas or help support those affected by Hurricane Dorian, we have listed some great organizations that have amazing initiatives to deploy strategies, enable direct solutions and enact true impact within local communities.



World Central Kitchen

Founded by a husband and wife almost ten years ago, World Central Kitchen (WCK) works to create smart solutions to end hunger and poverty, through clean cookstove initiatives, culinary training programs, and social enterprise ventures that empower communities and strengthen economies. Now prepared to activate during and after a natural disaster, WCK serves children in shelters, feeds hungry families a hot plate of food when they need it most, and help to build future food resiliency in growing economies. Currently, WCK has a Chef Relief team led by Chef José Andrés in the Bahamas bringing freshly prepared meals to those impacted by Hurricane Dorian several helicopter trips each day. WCK is committed to doing whatever it takes to get food to the people who need it most, whether that is by boat, plane, or helicopter. Learn more about their mission here.


Hurricane Dorian



A consortium of nearly 60 leading, global nonprofit members utilizing the power of technology to improve the human condition. The members of NetHope deliver over 60 percent of all annual, international, non-governmental aid, striving to transform the world, build a platform of hope for those who receive aid and those who deliver it. NetHope has sent a team to the Bahamas to consult with the government, local officials, and their members in the area to assess needs for communications and response. By collaborating with these organizations, they hope to create a coordinated response to bring reliable communication networks to the areas hardest hit by Dorian. Learn more about their mission here.


Hurricane Dorian


Water Mission

Working in developing countries and disaster areas, Water Mission is a team of engineers that work to build, implement and install safe water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to provide clean water for all. As the world’s most basic resource, Water Mission works to bring water to those in the most vulnerable situations. Water Mission is on the ground providing emergency safe water solutions to communities that were devastated by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, including Marsh Harbor, Elbow Cay, and Green Turtle Cay. Learn more about their mission and what they are doing to help in the Bahamas.


Hurricane Dorian



Good360’s aim is to advance collaboration and engagement between private, public, and nonprofit sectors during events of crisis. By being the facilitator between the organizations that are eager to provide goods and the teams on the ground within disasters, Good360 is able to best assess and communicate what physical and monetary goods are most needed at the moment. Because of this, physical and monetary support is utilized in the best way and the most impact can be made. Good360 is collecting the needs of communities that were in the path of Hurricane Dorian, from the Bahamas to North Carolina, and has already begun sending product to help nonprofits support the first phase of recovery.  Learn more about their mission and what they are doing to help in the Bahamas.


Hurricane Dorian


All Hands and Hearts

Dedicated to a more thoughtful approach to how we respond and help impacted communities following disasters, All Hands and Hearts works alongside the local residents to deploy a unique volunteer model by helping families and communities recover while also better preparing for future disasters. With the ‘Smart Response’ strategy, an impacted community not only receives response, but also recovery, resilience and renewal. Their response team is on the ground in the Bahamas, working to identify specific areas to focus their efforts to best support the long road to recovery. They anticipate the initial scope of work could include debris removal, tarping, tree removal, temporary shelters, muck and gut and mold sanitation. They also believe in staying for the long term and plan to help rebuild resilience in affected communities and will likely target school repairs and rebuilds. Learn more about their mission and what they are doing to help in the Bahamas.


Additional organizations that are also involved in Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts that you should consider engaging with are (in alphabetical order):