How Easy Is it To Create And Access Specific Segmentation Data From Within The Included Report Writer?

Randy McCabe October 15, 2012 Nonprofits

Q: How easy is it to create and access specific segmentation data from within the included report writer?

A: The Orange Leap Guru tool is more than just a report writer.  With The Guru tool, you can create clickable, active hyperlinks to find lists of the constituents you want to find – by any criteria you have recorded about your base – and include those in your reports.

With Orange Leap, you can conveniently slice and dice your data to locate all the records for just that segment of your constituency you need to analyze or communicate with.  For instance, you need to find all of the donors who have given more than $500 in the most recent six month period who have a household income over $100,000 and live in the 91006 zip code.  You can enter the search parameters and create a link embeddable into any report – or ready to use immediately without having to run a report for every search you conduct.