NPO Spotlight on Direct Relief: Bridging the Healthcare Gap in America

Brittany Dickey January 24, 2017 Nonprofits

This article is part of the NPO Spotlight Series which highlights nonprofits who are doing excellent work. 

According to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention, over 28 million people (under the age of 65) fall through the healthcare gap. One obstacle that prevents Americans from obtaining healthcare is cost. Many uninsured citizens can’t afford coverage (even with ACA reforms). People without healthcare insurance:

  1. Risk cataclysmic healthcare expenses
  2. Are less likely to receive preventative care (annual physicals, check ups, etc.)
  3. Have less access to quality healthcare


How Direct Relief is Making an Impact

Direct Relief LogoSo many Americans face this quandary that it’s no wonder why healthcare is such a hot button topic in today’s news! While our elected officials struggle to find solutions, charities like Direct Relief are implementing medical assistance programs that equip health care professionals working in resource-poor communities to meet daily challenges.

Founded in 1948 by William Zimdin, Direct Relief provides medical resources to community-based institutions and organizations in the United States and 71 other countries worldwide. The charity’s 4 areas of focus are:

  1. Maternal & Child Health
  2. Disease Prevention & Treatment
  3. Emergency Preparedness & Response
  4. Strengthening Health Systems

Since 2004, Direct Relief has provided more than $500 million in medical aid in the United States alone.  The charity also has a Direct Relief Network where partner health centers and clinics can order what they need for their low-income and/or uninsured patients. The charity then ships these requested items to these providers at zero cost.

Direct Relief also provides support for critical safety nets such as nonprofit health centers and clinics. Their aid map depicts the organization’s reach in the U.S.:

US Map with Direct Relief aid overlay, healthcare gap


In addition to Direct Relief’s extensive influence in the U.S. (and worldwide), Fast Company named the charity in the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Nonprofits. Charity Navigator also gave the charity a 4 star rating and Forbes recognized the charity as 100% efficient in fundraising. For a complete list of Direct Relief’s awards and recognitions, please visit their site.


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Needless to say, YourCause is proud to process donations to Direct Relief. To learn more about Direct Relief ‘s national and global impact, please explore here!

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