Published On: July 2, 2018Categories: Global CSR

Author: Karen Love

I have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing both aspects of what the mission of our software was developed to accomplish. In layman’s terms, we allow corporate clients the opportunity to promote their employee giving and volunteering programs through one single software platform; allow employees to engage with nonprofits across the globe by providing giving and volunteering opportunities; process donations in a timely and seamless manner; and allow the nonprofit organizations the same space to stay organized and connected by providing donor details and volunteer information. In growing our corporate client communities, we expose the global nonprofit organizations to new donors and volunteers daily.

As an account manager for many years, I was on the corporate/employee side. I experienced the joy of giving, whether in large or small amounts. But now I am the point of contact for our global nonprofits and get to experience the appreciation and happiness of the receiver and fully respect and understand that it is all made possible by truly one connecting factor, YourCause.

As one recently commented to me, “By the way, looove your surname. It just fits the company’s needs you work for. You are the best ambassador!” I take pride in the relationships I build with our global nonprofits, knowing that I am doing all I can do to get them properly vetted and eligible to be a part of our Global Good Network and plugged into our corporate client communities.

I asked a few of our global nonprofit organizations some high-level questions to better understand how they view our partnership with them.

Who I Interviewed

The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM), Taiwan, established 66 years ago, MSM is the 1st registered local social welfare organization in Taiwan. MSM focuses on community service and mobilizes community members to take care of needy people in their communities. Our current services are Sponsorship for Children in Poverty; Community Service through child and senior development programs, career development, community food banks, Iro-Iro Children’s Home; and Out-of-Home Care for Vulnerable Children.

Action for Children, United Kingdom, from before they are born until they are into their twenties, Action for Children helps disadvantaged children through practical services and programs that are proven to work. Action for Children is one of the UK’s leading children’s charities and they have been supporting disadvantaged children for almost 150 years. Last year, their 600 projects directly supported more than 370,000 children, young people, and their families. They are passionate about doing what’s right, doing what’s needed and doing what works.

SOS Children’s Village India, India, SOS Children’s Village are passionate about the protection of child rights; especially of those children who have nobody to call their own. They are committed to the welfare of parentless, abandoned children, often throughout the whole of their childhood and to strengthening families and communities as a preventive measure in the fight against child abandonment and social neglect.

How has YourCause helped you accomplish your cause/goals?

The Mustard Seed Mission:  YourCause is a good platform to help us to connect with people all over the world. In the “NPO page”, we can share our mission and vision and even our needs, so people are able to get to know more about us and may engage to help and support us. Through YourCause, our partner Dell can regularly donate to us through employee giving and financially helps us to fulfill our project needs.

Action for Children:  YourCause helps us to connect with our partner, Dell’s employees from all teams and all levels to engage them in our work and encourage them to volunteer and/or raise money.

SOS Children’s Villages India:  With the support of YourCause, SOS Children’s Villages of India can reach out to more people about the cause of parentless and abandoned children in India.

How has working with YourCause strengthened your relationship with your donors or volunteers and increased your volunteer base?

The Mustard Seed Mission:  YourCause provides two functions of volunteering, in which there are “NPO created events” and “Employee created events”.  This is good for both the NPO and employee side. Managing events on the YourCause platform also attracts employee giving for volunteer grants.

Action for Children: YourCause allows us to upload events and activities directly to the site which anyone and everyone can see. In a busy environment, like Dell and other client partners, it can be hard to share information but YourCause provides the means for everyone to see our events when they log in. It means that opportunities are offered to a wider group allowing us to maximize our engagement across the business.

SOS Children’s Villages India:  YourCause gives SOS Children’s Villages of India an excellent platform to connect with prospective individual donors and CSR partners in an efficient manner.

What have you been able to accomplish because of your partnership with YourCause?

The Mustard Seed Mission:  YourCause allows for regular donations to our children sponsorship project through employee giving which is a big support for us to serve the children of Taiwan. YourCause also brings donors together to attend organization’s events or to recruit volunteers. It reduces the administration work on NGO and corporate partners.

Action for Children:  YourCause has enabled us to share opportunities far and wide and to track every penny donated. This is helpful to track the progress of individuals and teams and keep track of the donations we receive.

SOS Children’s Villages India:  We are able to reach out to more supporters and partners.

How has working with YourCause felt different than working with other, similar processors/vendors?

The Mustard Seed Mission:  YourCause is a reliable and friendly platform that provides efficient direct support within 1-3 days. Another impressive feature is that YourCause offers Sustainable Development Goals profiles. This may help us to get more connections to corporations that pay attention to the SDGs. YourCause is connected with many global corporations which will allow us to discover new opportunities.

Action for Children:  The support teams are very helpful – in the past I have had some access issues but they have always been very helpful and obliging. Karen and the team are very informative, they always share processing information about donations to myself and our finance team to make it easier to track donations. It is easy to pull reports and see how much has been donated from each page.

SOS Children’s Villages India:  YourCause works in an organized manner which has enabled us at SOS Children’s Villages of India to work efficiently in connecting with donors.

What are you most looking forward to in your continued partnership with YourCause?

The Mustard Seed Mission:  We hope we are able to send emails, messages, or make a public appeal to donors or YourCause members through the YourCause platform; this way we can provide more information and increase engagement with our donors.

Action for Children:  We are looking forward to the ability to view individual fundraising pages that our donors set up through YourCause.

SOS Children’s Villages India:  We are looking forward to partnering with large corporations with the support of YourCause which will enable us to impact and transform lives of more parentless and abandoned children across India.

At YourCause we pride ourselves on the relationships and service that we offer to our nonprofit partners, whether they’re U.S. based or a global organization. Our company began when our founder, Matt Combs, found it far too difficult to help a young boy who was across the world in Africa. It is exciting to see how we’ve made the process of giving and volunteering worldwide that much easier over the past ten years. Our product has built bridges that span the borders of countries, continents, and cultures in mere seconds. The above nonprofits are just a small representation of the connections we’re continuing to make each day.  We invite your organization to become a part of NPOconnect today

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