Champions of the Global Goals: Kate Schoen & Gender Equality

Kate Schoen May 31, 2016 IMPACT2030

This article is part of the “Champions of Global Goals Series” where YourCause employees share their connection to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Sex Trafficking is Too Close to Home

Goal 5 (Kate)As I think about the United Nation’s Global Goals, closest to my heart is Gender Equality. Specifically, within Gender Equality goal, the UN’s target to eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Usually seen as international, not domestic, human rights violation, it wasn’t until college that I understood that sex trafficking is an overwhelming domestic issue as well. After hearing first hand the emotional trauma, devastation, and pervasiveness of the sex trade, I became involved in the Dallas community’s effort to provide resources to victims and promote measures to prevent and identify sex trafficking. As a Texan, sex trafficking is unfortunately very relevant. Because of all the highways, international airports, and the border of Mexico, Texas ranks 2nd in the country for most trafficked individuals.

To stop trafficking, it must be treated as a gender equality issue.  The more corporations and non-profits involved and engaged to impact the sex trade, the greater impact we can make domestically and internationally to protect women and children. By creating a network of advocates, we can focus on changing state and national legislation and advocacy. This issue just isn’t about prevention, it’s about giving victims the chance to build a new life and escape the sex trade. The idea that in 2030 this worldwide epidemic would be impacted or lessened some way make me a proud supporter of Impact 2030 and ready to do my part.

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