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As companies wrap up giving campaigns and plan for 2022 we wanted to provide some recent data on Giving Tuesday 2021. We’ll also review last year’s giving season data (2020) and provide resources for encouraging employee engagement with giving.

Giving Tuesday by the Numbers

A Look back at the impact the Global Good Network made on Giving Tuesday 2021

We refer to our client base as the Global Good Network™. We are honored and proud to support over 500 companies, from fortune 500 to small and medium businesses with our software to power their CSR efforts. Companies use CSRconnect and GrantsConnect to facilitate employee giving and volunteering and corporate grant programs. Giving Tuesday kicks of the charitable season and we’re blown away by the support our companies and their employees continue to provide to nonprofits throughout the year and especially on Giving Tuesday. This reviews some key statistics from the support provided by the Global Good Network on Giving Tuesday.

Donations on Giving Tuesday:

  • Impacted 67,900+ charities from 73 countries
  • Employees logged in from 56 countries

We also looked up volunteer activity and employees logged 13,825 volunteer hours on Giving Tuesday.

A Look back at the 2020 Giving Season

Historical data shows that companies running annual giving pledge campaigns often start in the fall. 76% of 2020 giving campaigns from YourCause clients were started in the months of September, October and November. A giving campaign is a time period (traditionally a month) where employees pledge their payroll donations for the upcoming calendar year. Employees pledge in the fall and are prepared for the next year of giving. As you can see, September was the most popular month for kicking off giving pledge campaigns.















Total Campaigns Started by Month

The graph illustrates the percent of total campaigns that started in each month throughout 2020.

This following data is an excerpt from the 2021 CSR Industry Report in the program trends section. This data includes all domestic U.S. and global industries for the companies evaluated in the report.


of companies evaluated have at least 1 giving pledge campaign per year.


of companies evaluated offer year-round giving.

Campaign Giving Programs

Year-round Giving Programs

Employee Engagement 15.63% 9.99%
Average Employee Donation Amount $694 $848
Average Company Match per participant $827 $845

The table breaks down usage for companies with at least one campaign per year vs. companies with year-round giving programs. Employee engagement for giving is a measure of those who donated through a company’s program. The employee engagement rate for campaign giving was higher than year-round giving. Previous CSR industry reports have shown that campaign giving can bring in more first-time users than year-round giving. Campaigns could be used as a catalyst to get employees engaged on your CSR platform for the first time because you are driving participation for a common goal.


Total donation amount from campaign giving programs by companies evaluated in 2020.


Total donation amount from year-round giving programs by companies evaluated in 2020.

Luckily companies have the option of combining campaign and year-round giving for a hybrid model. Understanding the culture and resources of your company will help determine the most effective giving model for you. Check out our employee giving guide for tools and strategies we’ve learned along the way.

Online Giving Continues to Increase

The world became more comfortable with online giving during COVID-19. Blackbaud institute creates a charitable giving report and this year’s report shows that online giving increased 21% in 2020. The charitable giving report tracks over $40b in donations made to nonprofits in the US. Companies are consistently evaluating what employee giving program features to offer their employee population.

This graph is a reflection of the giving methods offered by YourCause client companies in 2020. Credit card giving saw an increase in company utilization, up 3% since 2019. Social responsibility leaders can use this data to build a business case for offering multiple donation methods to facilitate a giving experience that employees are comfortable with.

Resources for Increasing Employee Engagement with Giving

Giving season often runs through the holidays as people continue to feel charitable during this time of year. This content roundup features articles that highlight ideas to encourage employee donations and build a culture of philanthropy after the buzz from Giving Tuesday.

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It’s not too late to plan for next year and we hope these insights arm you with ideas for your starting or growing your employee giving program.

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