YourCause and United Way Worldwide Expands Service Portfolio

Cassandra Bennett October 19, 2016 News

YourCause, an industry leader in employee engagement solutions, and United Way Worldwide have expanded their existing partnership and announced the launch of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) now available for all enterprises using YourCauses’ CSRconnect Employee Engagement Solution. The DAF is expected to expand services to the more than 65% of YourCause’s client base currently managing employee engagement programs through a corporate foundation or those managing global communities giving to international nonprofit organizations. Clients utilizing the Donor Advised Fund will benefit from hands-free management and distribution of funds to a selection of nonprofit organizations held within the industry’s largest, fully vetted domestic and international nonprofit database.

“We remain committed to the ongoing development of smart and efficient solutions that will solve real challenges facing our clients and their desires to both engage their employees and deliver on their commitment to drive positive social impact. I see this expansion as another step in that direction,” stated Matt Combs, Founder & CEO of YourCause.   “The opportunities that exist between YourCause and the United Way Worldwide for a collaborative partnership and to innovate are huge, and could continue to drive positive change in a manner that has never been done before – and that is very exciting for all of us.”

The newly established Donor Advised Fund will be supported by YourCause’s “hyper-local” vetting process – a process that evaluates whether a foreign charity status is equivalent to that of a U.S. public charity and verifies eligibility as a recipient charitable organization within the CSRconnect solution. Through the YourCause charity verification process, equivalency approvals are taking place 85% faster than comparable vetting practices – resulting in quicker access to a comprehensive, globally vetted nonprofit list for volunteer and donation opportunities.

“It’s great to see the ongoing expansion of our partnership with YourCause,” stated Karen Snyder, Director, Information Management & Operations at the United Way Worldwide. “It’s important that our teams continue to push forward with better solutions for our clients that can drive greater positive good.”

The United Way Worldwide established the DAF and oversees the vetting to ensure that all processes follow legal requirements for domestic and international giving. All processes were developed to easily allow donors to make a contribution to a vetted charity of their choice domestically or internationally on a donor advised basis.

Parties interested in learning more about this process, the United Way Worldwide partnership or YourCause services can contact Dustin Joost at