Employee Volunteer Program Guide

Whether you’re completely new or an industry veteran, this guide will have info to help you make the largest impact possible. Use these links to jump to the section you’re interested in.

Benefits of Employee Volunteering

According to the Society for Human resources nearly half of US companies offer some form of employee volunteering. That number is higher for larger companies with 65% of CECP’s member companies offering a volunteer program that includes paid time off.1 Research has largely demonstrated that employee volunteering is beneficial for both employees and companies. We’ve summarized information from a few different articles showing the company level factors and individual factors that benefit from employee volunteering.

An employee volunteering program is a planned effort that seeks to motivate and enable employees to serve a community.2

Company Level Factors3

  • Company Reputation
  • Company Attractiveness
  • Employee Retention
  • Cross Departmental Team Building

It’s not hard to see the benefits of your company reputation within the community where your employees are giving back. This can boost the attractiveness to do business with your company or work for your company

Individual Factors

Job Performance and Leadership Development3 – Increased efficiency from skills development- employees gains increased efficiency from using their skills to solving problems and delivering results for a nonprofit organization. IT needs, marketing needs, or other skills-based projects for nonprofi