YourCause Expands Employee Engagement Network by more than 550,000 Employees During Q1 2016

Cassandra Bennett May 11, 2016 News

YourCause, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, added 17 new corporate clients to the CSRconnect Network during the first quarter, increasing the total network of enterprise employees served by more than 550,000 to 3,600,000. The company attributes the surge in growth to the release of new product functionality, the ability to maintain industry leading customer support delivery levels, and growth in sales and technology infrastructure. The growth during the first quarter of 2016 represents the single largest client expansion within a 3-month period since being founded in 2008.

“Staying focused, committed to our vision, building meaningful and genuine relationships with our clients, and ensuring that we never lose sight of where we came from and how we got here, will be critical to ensuring that we sustain our growth and continue our leadership position in this space,” stated Matt Combs, Founder and CEO of YourCause.

The company’s reputation as a leading strategist in innovative corporate philanthropic and employee engagement programs has positioned new and existing clients to outperform previous program goals. As published in the April edition of the CSRconnect Industry Insights, average giving for the year rose by 4%, while volunteering for enterprise users grew by 5%. In some instances, clients saw as much as a 154% growth in employee engagement, a 300% increase in recorded volunteer hours and a 300% increase in dollars donated.

The first quarter also saw the deployment of a new payment gateway in partnership with Heartland Payment Systems and the United Way Worldwide. YourCause now offers clients the lowest fees on a single credit card transaction in the industry (at 2.4%). The launch of the new gateway was designed to solve two industry pain points by decreasing fees associated with processing donations, as well as expanding the number of eligible nonprofit organizations accessible to corporate citizens both domestically and internationally.

“Many of the benefits from the strategic actions we set in motion more than a year ago, are now coming to fruition – and our growth is a result of that,” continues Matt Combs. “Unlike past growth spurts, we are now fully prepared to scale up our delivery with our new and projected growth, which really helps to make all that we’re doing very exciting and fun.”

The company remains committed to driving efficiency to the nonprofit sector through the ongoing development of technology solutions that engage the enterprise, the employee, and nonprofit organizations – all done using a business model that is not predicated on taking a percentage of any donation transacted within the CSRconnect system. Over the next two fiscal quarters of 2016, YourCause expects to release its enterprise grant solution, an expanded international giving network, and a no-cost version of its newly acquired Orange Leap Donor Management system to the more than 70,000+ nonprofits currently receiving funds from the CSRconnect system.