YourCause Grows Total 2015 Donations Processed by 156%; Total Recipient Charities Increases by 22%.

Cassandra Bennett February 8, 2016 News

YourCause LLC, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, saw a 156% growth in the total dollars processed to qualified and approved non-profit organizations from 2014 to 2015. The $361 million in donations represented a total dollar increase of roughly $130 million over the 12-month period, all of which were directed by users to more than 77,000 unique charities.

In 2015, YourCause also grew the total number of corporate enterprises licensing the CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform by nearly 40%, resulting in increased overall usage of the offered payroll deduction, matching gifts, credit card donations, and related charitable incentive programs. Additional data reported within YourCause’s 2015 Performance Review helped to steer the company’s operational strategy and remains a key focus for the company in effectively connecting corporate citizens with charitable organizations through the products and services being offered.

“It is important that we consistently evaluate our performance year-over-year,” stated Matt Combs, Founder and CEO. “Not only is it important to chart our growth in the marketplace, but it is also important to track the impact we help facilitate around the world. Seeing over $361 million processed in a single year only validates our mission and serves as material motivation for our entire team to continue developing the best employee engagement platform available.”

YourCause’s 2015 Performance Review was created as a high-level evaluation of four key business areas: overall employee engagement platform performance, volunteering, giving activity, and company demographics. With positive growth in nearly every evaluated area, the Performance Review illustrates the company’s growth and innovation in its platform features and functionality, as well as corporate citizen engagement within their clients’ respective corporate social responsibility programs. Check out the YourCause 2015 Performance Review in its entirety.