60 Second Interview: NVIDIA Doing More Individually, Together

Kate Petsche November 18, 2015 Employee Engagement

The 60 Second Interview series features success stories from our Global Good Network, and a rapid-fire interview with the partner on how it was achieved.

At NVIDIA, they support employees in their individual volunteer efforts and empower them to take control of their charitable giving – and have seen amazing results. Laura Clemmensen, Program Manager, NVIDIA Foundation, gives us an inside look at their program here.



What goals are you trying to accomplish with your matching program at NVIDIA?

There are many opportunities for our employees to contribute to NVIDIA’s strategic philanthropic efforts – whether it’s to donate financially to cancer-related organizations or to give time by tutoring and mentoring underserved youth in STEM. But one way we are able to support NVIDIANs and their personal giving is by offering a matching program. The main goal of the program is to ensure employees feel supported in their individual efforts. Doubling their charitable contributions shows them that NVIDIA cares about their favorite causes and ultimately makes them happier and more engaged.


How do you promote your program internally to your current and future employees?

Internally, email is king. So we send periodic email blasts to remind employees of this benefit. We also make sure to introduce the program to new employees by sending a new hire email. But since everyone receives hundreds of emails a day, we look for other ways to promote the program such as new hire orientation or through digital signage in our field office cafeterias. Externally, we highlight the program on the company’s website so prospective employees are aware of this great benefit.


We hear that your employees often support similar causes to increase match cap potentials, is this something that happens organically or is it promoted within the company?

NVIDIANs are very passionate about the causes they support so they work hard in recruiting teammates to join them in their favorite charity sporting event (i.e. walk-a-thon, biking, golf, etc.). They also rally colleagues to donate to their event, remind them of the match availability and point donors to the YourCause portal.


How does NVIDIA report and track the efforts of the program?

The reporting functionality in the YourCause portal gives us a lot of data about the causes employees care about, how much they’re donating and how often. This allows us to track trends and use the rolled-up giving data to tell deeper impact stories.


How do you envision this program in the future?

We always strive to improve program utilization. This means continuing to find creative ways to promote the program, making sure every NVIDIAN is eagerly using the matching funds available to them!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Laura! We wish NVIDIA continued success with all their volunteering and giving efforts.