Snapshots into our Industry-Changing Customer Service

Odessa Jenkins February 11, 2020 About YourCause

As I approach my six-year anniversary here at YourCause, I think about the things that were important to me when I first started. I think about how we set-off to become the industry standard in supporting customers, employees, and end-users in the quest to change the world and make it a better place. Along our journey, we discovered that there was one thing that really made us unique. We care.


Simple as it may sound, our day-to-day service like regularly checking in with our customers, continuing to go out and physically meet people where they are at, and surveying our clients to listen to what they have to say, became standard to us because we care. We care about the interests of our clients and their employees, the impact they want to have on the world, and how we can best help them achieve it.


There is a story from a few years back that I use as an example when talking with my peers about our customer service model, in client discussions about satisfaction, and just about every day in our office because it speaks to who we are.


A member of our Customer Advocacy Team was on the phone offering support to a retiree who was trying to donate to his granddaughter’s alma mater. At first, the call went on for almost two minutes. Two minutes turned to 10, and 10 turned to 15. As I had made my way over to the desk, I learned the issue was that the retiree needed to take a screenshot of his computer screen. However, there was a struggle on his end because he was actually taking out his personal camera and taking pictures of his screen. Nonetheless, our CA team member enthusiastically continued to walk the retiree through a lengthy lesson on screenshotting. Our enthusiasm to help that retiree take a screenshot is one of many snapshots I hope people see when they think of our approach to customer care. We take pride in what our customers are doing with us and are willing to go the extra mile to help our customers achieve their missions.


When people ask me today about the service we offer, I picture a snapshot of our tremendously smart, thoughtful Account Managers knowing our product better than anybody else in the room. I think of all the days I walk past conference rooms, look through the glass, and see our AMs hosting client administrator workshops for free, just to help our partners gain a better grasp of our products. I could show you real snapshots from the time an AM asked our entire office to help a client beat their volunteering engagement record.


If you ask me about our service, I could share snapshots of our Customer Advocacy Team coming in early and staying late to support a large push during a client’s giving campaign. Or all the times Program Service representatives were willing to take on the weeks of paper forms from our customers with technology barriers. Being there to support all of the challenges our clients, donors, and volunteers face in the industry. That’s our snapshot in time and why we will continue to put support and service first.


New call-to-actio


Although we are growing and adding more to the team, the people we bring into the company have the same focus as the ones that started YourCause. Supporting our client administrators, the people at the companies we serve, and their dreams, is what is ingrained in us; It’s in the blood of everyone here. Perfection is hard to obtain, but we get about as close as you can with a 93% client satisfaction rate on our end-of-year survey and a 99% client retention rate. By putting pressure on ourselves to be great at support, we are able to produce the lemonade that quenches the thirst of so many programs.


The way that we approach customer service hasn’t changed and will not change, mostly because of the people behind the service. We will continue to be that snapshot to the market. We are in love with our product, our leadership, and our strategy, but more importantly, we have pride in what our customers are doing with us and how they continue to grow.


I’m on fire with the chance to figure out better and more efficient ways to provide service to our clients in the future. Not only are we more focused on continuing our snapshot of service, but we are up for the challenge of leading the global ecosystem of good.