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Connections for Giving

Intuitive. Flexible. Reliable.

CSRconnect, our philanthropic and corporate social responsibility platform, makes it easy for corporations to manage employee giving programs of all shapes and sizes. From year-round matching gifts program to an annual pledge campaign, or even a hybrid of the two, we provide professionals, like you, with tools to help engage all of your employees. And we didn’t forget about you, the program manager! Program management is a cinch in our platform when you leverage our reliable payment distribution services, robust ad-hoc reporting tools, and take advantage of configurable segmentation functionality for an employee experience that increases participation.


Our platform doesn’t force you to conform to how we think a program should be set up and managed. That’s why we’ve developed an out of the box solution that can be configured to meet your program needs.

Matching Gifts

We’re all about creating efficiencies. CSRconnect allows you to motivate employee participation through automating matching gifts and incentives. We will even keep you and your employees up-to-date on the matching gift status from start to finish.


Quickly rally your employees to support disaster relief,  seasonal and annual campaigns. By leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising, employees can build connections and support their favorite cause.


We’ve helped numerous clients expand globally. Our technology supports over 70% of the languages used online around the world, countless currencies and time zone identification for a customized philanthropic experience.

Connections for Volunteering

Robust. Adaptable. Seamless.

Managing volunteer events shouldn’t require you to spend hours tracking registration, promoting opportunities, finding events, coordinating t-shirts, or digging through numerous reports. We know that volunteer events aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we make it easy to choose the features and functionality that your team needs. The CSRconnect platform allows you to quickly manage one-off volunteer events but still offers all the bells and whistles to take on a more robust global volunteer event. With optional event feeds, an innovative approach to dollars for doers, and a user experience that leverages mobile behaviors to drive engagement, we’re excited to help make managing and growing your programs a bit easier.


Make everyone an event coordinator! Our platform gives you and your team the flexibility to set up events, recruit others to join, and even manage t-shirt tracking.


Finding an event to volunteer for has never been easier. Employees can search from thousands of pre populated opportunities using smart search functionality such as keyword tags and locational information.


From team to individual volunteer hours, tracking your volunteer time is easy. With a couple clicks of the mouse you can ensure that event reporting is up-to-date and easily reportable.


Everyone loves to be rewarded for a good deed! Provide your participants with volunteer rewards, such as volunteer grants or a YourCause Cause Card, for the time and energy they invest in supporting a charity.

Engagement Features

Features such as peer-to-peer fundraising, employee resource groups, ad-hoc reporting, Cause Cards, and engagement elements provide program administrators with optional tools to make communicating initiatives, recognizing employees, and coordinating campaigns easier.

Client Services

Our client satisfaction survey has shown that 100% of our clients are satisfied with our level of account management, and customer service. We surpass every industry average for first response and resolution times providing all of our clients, no matter their size, with best-in-class client services. This partnership approach isn’t an add-on, it’s a part of YourCause’s DNA.

Connections for Global

Providing a Local Experience, Globally.

YourCause offers companies and their employees’ access to more than 322,000 vetted and verified global nonprofits from 170 countries in 17 different languages. Meaning that your employees, wherever they are, have a greater potential to find and support their personal passions, worldwide, and in their native language. With two-thirds of YourCause’s Global Good Network managing global employees and causes around the world, we are committed to focusing on leading the way in supporting and facilitating the expansion of global philanthropy.


Customize the employee experience by segmenting each program via location using content in their language, in their time zones, and in the metric unit measurement, they use daily. You will even empower your regional ambassadors with location and permission-based reporting to show everyone’s local success.


Regional ambassadors will receive high-touch support, training, and onboarding to ensure that your launch strategy is a success. In addition, teams will have access to the Global Good Network which is comprised of 200+ CSR professionals that share best practices, insights, and help develop global good.


Doing the MOST good means supporting multiple vetting options that can scale to grow our NGO database to include verified and valid organizations. Couple that with our proprietary international knowledgebase and compliance with global laws such as GDPR, and you get optimal global expertise.

CSR Success Stories

We believe that corporate social responsibility is about more than just giving and volunteer transactions. Our technology, coupled with our best-in-class account management, client support, and program services teams, have proven to save companies time and money while growing their programs in unprecedented ways.

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A Solution Fit for Your Company

We understand that CSR programs are driven by corporate culture, and no two corporate cultures are the same. That’s why we offer an out-of-the-box platform that can be configured to meet your specific needs. Give us a shout, we’d love to explore how we can help you.

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