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Connections for Employee Giving

csr software that powers employee giving

From year-round matching gifts to annual pledge campaigns, CSRconnect powers employee giving programs of all shapes and sizes.

CSRconnect, our philanthropic and corporate social responsibility software, makes it easy for companies to manage employee giving programs of all shapes and sizes. From year-round matching gifts program to an annual pledge campaign, or even a hybrid of the two, we provide professionals, like you, with tools to help engage all of your employees. And we didn’t forget about you, the program manager! Program management is a cinch in our platform when you leverage our reliable payment distribution services, robust ad-hoc reporting tools, and take advantage of configurable segmentation functionality for an employee experience that increases participation.

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Our CSR software can be configured to meet the needs of your program. Multiple donation methods are available to offer your employees options including credit card, Apple Pay, payroll, matching gifts and logging offline donations.

Matching Gifts

We’re all about creating efficiencies. CSRConnect allows you to motivate employee participation through automating matching gifts and incentives. We will even keep you and your employees up-to-date on the matching gift status from start to finish.


Quickly rally your employees to support disaster relief or seasonal and annual giving campaigns. By leveraging peer-to-peer fundraising, employees can build connections and support their favorite cause.


Blackbaud has the largest charity database to connect companies to opportunities for volunteering and giving. As environmental, social governance (ESG) investing and corporate social responsibility becomes increasingly important, companies can rely on YourCause + Blackbaud to help extend their initiatives and strengthen corporate philanthropy.

Connections for Employee Volunteering

Volunteering events are not one size fits all. Choose the features and functionality that your team needs.

Managing volunteer events shouldn’t require you to spend hours tracking registration, promoting opportunities, finding events, coordinating t-shirts, or digging through numerous reports. We know that volunteer events aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so we make it easy to choose the features and functionality that your team needs. CSRconnect allows you to quickly manage one-off volunteer events but still offers all the bells and whistles to take on a more robust global volunteer event. With optional event feeds, an innovative approach to dollars for doers, and a user experience that leverages mobile behaviors to drive engagement, we’re excited to help make managing and growing your programs a bit easier.

csr software for employee volunteering


Make everyone an event coordinator! The platform gives you and your team the flexibility to set up events or have your nonprofit partner create a volunteering opportunity. Team members or employee ambassadors can recruit others to join.


Finding an event to volunteer for has never been easier. Employees can search from thousands of pre-populated opportunities using smart search functionality such as keyword tags and locational information.


From team to individual volunteer hours, tracking your volunteer time is easy. With a couple clicks of the mouse you can ensure that event reporting is up-to-date and easily reportable.


Everyone loves to be rewarded for a good deed! Provide your participants with volunteer rewards, such as volunteer grants or an incentive, for the time and energy they invest in supporting a charity.

mobile csr software

Do good anywhere, anytime.

Our CSR software is designed to meet the needs of a modern workforce. Our technology seamlessly integrates with Single-Sign-On, making access easy and intuitive for your employees. In addition to SSO, we have Basic Authentication and Domain Based Authentication sign-in methods to accommodate the unique needs of different organizations.

We have a range of clients in industries with employees that aren’t typically in front of a desk like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Food & Beverage. We’ve built CSRconnect to be completely mobile responsive so that your employees have access to your social good programs at all times.

Beyond the Basics

CSRconnect takes you beyond just Employee Giving and Employee Volunteering programs. Designed with employee engagement in mind, clients can take advantage of functionality like Virtual Groups or Engagement Elements features to enhance the employee experience with CSR programs.

Virtual Employee Groups

Virtual Groups are highly configurable and offer clients a unique place where employees can collaborate and support a wide range of initiatives in the community and across the company. Clients can use Virtual Groups to:

  • Connect employees to employee resource groups, location-based groups, or cause/interest-based groups.
  • Integrate Diversity & Inclusion and Health & Wellness Initiatives
  • Streamline Resource & Collaboration for you CSR Coordinators and Ambassadors

Engagement Elements

Customizable tiles on CSRconnect’s home page that can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Running Disaster Relief Campaigns
  • Promoting Volunteering & Giving Campaigns
  • Highlight Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability and Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Sharing program resources and training material
  • Collecting social good stories from employees with embedded surveys

Insights to Drive Impact

We understand that data gives you the insights you need to drive impact forward and make strategic decisions about your programs. CSRconnect includes several different reporting methods, including:

  • Ad-hoc Report Manager – Create data visualizations and drag and drop reports with our powerful Ad-Hoc reporting tool
  • Standard CSRconnect Reports – Our standard reports can be accessed 24/7 with ease.
  • Insights Dashboard, Data Feeds, Public Reporting Tools

Connections for Global Employee Engagement

Providing a Local Experience, Globally

Blackbaud has extensive experience supporting large, global clients and today around 51% of our clients support global giving and/or volunteering programs through CSRconnect. We take vetting nonprofits seriously and ensure that your employees only have access to donate to nonprofits that meet rigorous standards, giving you peace of mind when operating global giving programs. We are committed to focusing on leading the way in supporting and facilitating the expansion of global philanthropy and are continually taking steps to expand our nonprofit database and global features.

  • 172 currencies available
  • Accessed in 170+ countries
  • 26 Languages
  • Over 1.5 million nonprofits already available for giving
  • 4.3+ million more nonprofits available for request vetting.
  • Over 6.3 million nonprofits available for volunteering


Customize the employee experience by segmenting each program via location using content in their language, in their time zones, and in the metric unit of measurement used daily. You can empower your regional ambassadors with location and permission-based reporting to show employees their local success.


Regional ambassadors will receive high-touch support, training, and onboarding to ensure that your launch strategy is a success. In addition, teams will have access to the Global Good Network which is comprised of 200+ CSR professionals that share best practices, insights, and help develop global good.


Doing the MOST good means supporting multiple vetting options that can scale to grow our NGO database to include verified and valid organizations. Couple that with our proprietary international knowledge base and compliance with global laws such as GDPR, and you get optimal global expertise.

Our Global Partners

“Both our Customer Support Manager and the engineering department are constantly taking our advice into consideration and always making changes to create a better product for the client. Blackbaud’s YourCause is such a client and product-focused company. I LOVE working with you all.”

-Abby Hein, Community Manager, Epic Promise Employee Foundation

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