YourCause Releases Inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Industry Study at Conference

Cassandra Bennett April 1, 2015 News

YourCause, LLC, the industry leader in corporate community involvement programs with its proprietary CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, released a landmark study on corporate social responsibility (CSR) trends, activities, and industry practices at its 5th Annual CSRworks Conference, held at the Addison Conference and Theatre Centre. The findings of this study are the result of five years of collected data from leaders and participants in corporate social responsibility. It represents the first of its kind as a comprehensive industry data publication. YourCause Founder and CEO Matt Combs explained, “This research strongly affirms that corporate social responsibility programs are effective in improving employee engagement while increasing donations to deserving non profit organizations.”

The key findings will also be presented to an overflow crowd of corporate social responsibility leaders and will serve as a benchmark for subsequent bi-annual updates. Combs commented, “These findings will strategically inform CSR leaders who wish to develop and improve their current programs, as well as those leaders who wish to begin a CSR program.”

The comprehensive study highlighted findings in the areas of engagement data, employee donation behavior, donations by region, industry and corporate size, trending data for CSR programs based on industry and geography, as well as updates on technology and payment processing.

In addition to interactive panels and 19 breakout sessions dedicated to key industry topics, such as CSR strategy and best practices, attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in a pre-selected YourCause Employee Passion Session. These sessions allowed attendees to learn and experience a YourCause employees’ unique talent. Samplings of featured talents included: training for a half-marathon, fly fishing, video production 101, Origami lessons, and a book club discussion.

Upon conclusion of the CSRworks Conference, attendees were invited to return to the YourCause headquarters to participate in a condensed version of Office Hours. Office Hours is a quarterly event that allows clients and partners the opportunity to provide user feedback on the CSRconnect platform and to preview upcoming product releases.

“This year’s conference was incredible and we have come so far in just five years. I am indebted to our clients and industry partners, and to the entire YourCause team. None of this would have been possible without the collaboration of our partners and this proves once again that anything is possible when we work together. I know I speak for my colleagues in the CSR space when I say that we are committed, more than ever, to being a positive force in changing the world, “ added Combs.

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