Refresh Your 2021 LinkedIn Feeds with the Top Names in CSR

Grace Evanich December 15, 2020 CSR Trends

Social Media brings a plethora of information for CSR devotees looking to learn, grow, and be up to speed with the social good community. This year’s content has been even more elevating and engaging to read about as organizations have made COVID-19 relief efforts and social justice topics a major focus of their corporate responsibility strategy. As we head into the new year, we wanted to provide you with some of the best philanthropic influencers to fill your 2021 LinkedIn feeds! 



CECP always finds its way on our lists of top accounts to follow, and for good reason. This organization brings together like-minded leaders in the corporate space that are passionate about making an impact. The Giving in Numbers report is a go-to resource for many companies looking to benchmark their social investments. LinkedIn


Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo shines a light on its COVID-19 relief efforts across its pages, such as working with Feeding America this holiday season, as well as its support for small businesses that have been heavily impacted. Using the “Many hearts. One community.”, Wells Fargo shows how acts of kindness, especially in a time like now, really go a long way! LinkedIn



If you’re looking for up-to-date CSR news across a variety of organizations, give CSRwire a follow. In addition to staying in the know about all things CSR, this site is also a great resource for finding annual CSR reports. LinkedIn


Peter L. Scher

JPMorgan & Chase has always done tremendous work to give back, but this year’s efforts amplified even more to support underserved communities affected by COVID-19, as well as addressing racial inequalities. Follow Peter to learn more about how Chase is opening many doors in surrounding communities. LinkedIn


General Mills

General Mills keeps their page engaging by featuring employees’ great work in the community, for social justice issues, and more. Employee recognition not only makes that individual know they are appreciated but speaks volumes for how a company cares for its people. LinkedIn


The Wonderful Company

The Wonderful Company has always been passionate about making a difference locally in the Central Valley, and their page is full of smiling members of the community. To help out students and local workers impacted by COVID-19, A $1 million COVID-19 relief fund was established to support schools and nonprofits in Central Valley.  LinkedIn


Anisa Kamadoli Costa

Tiffany and Co.’s 2025 goals for its corporate philanthropy strategy cover three pillars: people, planet, and product. Anisa, Chief Sustainability Officer of Tiffany and Co., frequently posts about their organization’s work in these pillars, including responsible mining practices and wildlife conservation through Tiffany Save the Wild. LinkedIn


The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is very vocal about its sustainability efforts through its decade-long partnership with the World Wildlife Fund. ReplenishAfrica (RAIN) is one of the many incredible initiatives of The Coca-Cola Foundation to provide water access and hygiene across all of Africa. LinkedIn


Gerri Mason Hall

Gerri’s page reflects her strong advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She recently joined NetApp as VP Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. Prior to NetApp, Gerri spearheaded Sodexo’s D&I work as well as hunger-relief efforts through Sodexo’s Stop Hunger Foundation. Her page is full of incredibly inspiring and progressive content. LinkedIn


Procter & Gamble

As you scroll through Procter & Gamble’s page, it’s enlightening to see the C-Suite’s commitment to P&G’s corporate citizenship, such as advocating for women’s advancement in the workplace, improving diversity and inclusion work, highlighting sustainability efforts, and much more.  LinkedIn


The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC)

With over 400 member companies, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is a great organization to follow for all things corporate citizenship. They frequently post insightful articles on many current issues, as well as promote their members’ community work. LinkedIn