We’ve learned a few things along the way as our corporate partnerships have used collaborative expertise to continue building an innovative solution via CSRconnect. Our partners look for more than just checking off a box in a transactional tool. Instead, they are looking for community engagement to transform their programs.

YourCause continues to innovate as our corporate network grows.  We don’t stop at status quo because we dedicate ourselves to continuously evolve CSRconnect’s offerings and enhancements.


 Easily manage:
  • Credit Card Giving
  • Payroll Deductions
  • Offline Tracking
  • Disaster Campaigns
  • Matching Gifts
  • Open vs. Closed Campaigns
  • Donation History Tools
  • And more…


 Easily manage:
  • Event Creation
  • Event Search & Sign-up
  • Individual Hours Tracking
  • Skills-Based Volunteering
  • Dollars-for-Doers
  • Volunteer Campaigns
  • And more…


 Easily manage:
  • Educating Employees as to What is Possible
  • Delivering Options to Employees
  • Enabling Employee Action Tracking & Monitoring
  • Enjoy Doing Good and Making a Difference
  • Accountability Tracking and Reporting
  • And more…


 Easily manage:
  • Multilingual Settings
  • Multi-Currency Credit Card Transactions
  • Local Currency Display
  • Regional Administrator Support
  • Large International Volunteering Opportunities Database
  • International Organization Database with IRS 501c3 Equivalency Determination
  • And more…