Building A Healthier, Happier Company Culture Through Giving

Guest February 11, 2016 Employee Engagement

As we continue our series of content collaboration with UniversalGiving, Caitlin O’Brien joins us again to discuss how a company culture of giving creates happier, healthier communities.


The verdict is out: recent reports reveal that the act of giving makes for a happier, healthier person. A similar effect has been measured in companies that facilitate charity contributions programs to its employees, with organizations benefitting from increasing positive employee perceptions of company culture and workplace satisfaction.

When considering charity partners, it’s important to consider how an organization aligns with corporate principles and evaluate the potential strategic value a cause may have for your company. This measurement should account for quantitative as well as qualitative factors. Consider how investments can improve internal corporate organizational goals, as well as the overall corporate operating impact to the environment.

The most successful programs utilize employee feedback to help direct where a corporation’s resources are channeled while developing sustained partnerships with the organizations they choose to support. Additionally, offering employee giving tools such as matching donations or developing targeted campaigns at certain times of the year, can prove fruitful to improve employee engagement.

Be sure to vet your charity and nonprofit partners for financial efficiency and transparency. Strong partnerships require strong partners.

Ultimately, mobilizing employees to invest time and money to benefit a shared cause is an undertaking with the power to improve the corporate quality of life.