NPO Spotlight: Chesapeake Care Clinic is Providing Healthcare to the Uninsured

Brittany Dickey August 22, 2017 Nonprofits

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Discovering my lump

On July 3rd, while trying on dresses for an upcoming wedding, I noticed a splotchy red rash on my breast. I completed a breast self-exam and discovered a large lump on my left breast.

My heart dropped as a thousand thoughts flew through my mind. What if I have cancer? What would chemotherapy be like? If I did become very ill, who would take care of me? If I have cancer, how would I tell my parents? More than anything, I thought of my Aunt Trudy who fought breast and brain cancer all throughout my childhood. She lost that hard fought battle just last year.

I’ve watched enough breast cancer awareness programs to know that I needed to contact my doctor immediately to schedule an evaluation. I called his office and fortunately, he had an opening that same afternoon. After scheduling my appointment, I called my best friend for much-needed support. The tears began to flow as I shared my discovery, my family history, and my mountain of fears. She did her best to keep me calm while I waited for my doctor’s appointment.


The Exam Results

I fought back tears as my doctor completed his thorough evaluation. He eventually determined that the lump was due to an infection, so he prescribed me antibiotics.

Though emotionally drained, I was relieved after receiving the good news. It’s now several weeks later, the lump has diminished, and everything is back to normal. While I’m extremely grateful that my lump was benign, I can’t help but think the women who have a very different reality.


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The Healthcare Crisis

In retrospect, I have to acknowledge that it was incredibly easy for me to get an exam after my alarming discovery because I have health insurance. For women who don’t have health coverage, the process for getting an exam or mammogram is far less simple. With breast cancer, early detection is critical to recovering from the disease.

However, lack of health insurance is a barrier that often impedes early detection of breast cancer. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 29 million Americans do not have health insurance. In the midst of the healthcare crisis in the United States, several nonprofit health clinics have stepped up and are acting as a safety net for the most vulnerable people in our society.


Chesapeake Care Clinic Provides Solutions

Logo for Chesapeake Care ClinicFounded in 1992, Chesapeake Care is dedicated to providing medical and dental services to the low-income and underserved individuals in Virginia. Nonelderly adults (between 19 and 64) make up over 87% of all the uninsured in Virginia. Chesapeake Clinic includes a medical clinic and also Hampton Roads Dental Center.

This organization improved the health of 2,089 people in Chesapeake & Hampton Roads Virginia in 2016!


How is Chesapeake Clinic Impacting Change?

Chesapeake Clinic credits its success to their passionate and devoted volunteers. The organization’s volunteer staff includes physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, hygienists, pharmacists, nurses, and medical assistants.  There are also dedicated volunteers who provide administrative support. In addition, to the charity’s amazing volunteers, the board of directors and management team embarked on a three-phase capital campaign to fund the much-needed expansion and renovation of their facilities.

With the proceeds from their campaign, the charity renovated their medical clinic and also built the Hampton Roads Dental Center. Chesapeake Clinic is committed to changing lives through education and compassionate health care.

Photo of Chesapeake Care workers, providing healthcare
Chesapeake Care Clinic staff


Feeling Inspired? Get Involved! Give Back!

If you’re in the Virginia area, Chesapeake Clinic is always in search of energetic and passionate volunteers. Please stop by their site to review their volunteer opportunities.

YourCause is exceptionally proud to partner with Chesapeake Clinic by providing the organization with valuable Donor and Constituent Management tools.

If you’re a nonprofit, we have a new tool that allows you to pledge your Sustainable Development Goals in our platform. Over 2,000 charities have already added their impact profile.


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