YourCause, Charity Charge Collaborate to Drive Fundraising Innovation for Nonprofit Partners Through Recurring Credit Card Purchases

Cassandra Bennett December 20, 2018 News

YourCause, the leader in global enterprise philanthropic technology, and Charity Charge, the exclusive provider of Mastercard credit cards capable of automatically earning tax-deductible cash donations for the cardholder’s preferred charity, have partnered to drive fundraising innovation for both nonprofit organizations and their socially conscious supporters.

Through this partnership, Charity Charge becomes the first featured partner within the YourCause NPOconnect Nonprofit Portal, serving over one hundred thousand registered nonprofit administrators. YourCause’s nonprofit partners are the first to gain access to Charity Charge’s new credit card product in which no guarantor is required, ultimately reducing risk and liability for the nonprofit. The Charity Charge partnership also provides YourCause nonprofit partners a way to earn cash back rewards on their organizational spending through the first-ever “business” credit card designed specifically for nonprofits as well as an opportunity to engage current and prospective donors who may wish to support a favorite charity by automatically generating donations through their daily credit card spending. Charity Charge plans to release their new credit card product to the larger nonprofit community in early 2019.

As cited on NBC News, each year, 31% of credit card users allow rewards to expire, representing $16 billion in lost value according to Bankrate’s Money Pulse Survey. By selecting Charity Charge as a corporate credit card solution, nonprofits realize the automatic benefit of 1% cash back to their organization with no risk of loss or expiration. Furthermore, by offering this consumer-friendly donation method to individual supporters, nonprofits can transform one-time and sporadic donors into long-term, recurring donors with high, lifetime value. In doing so, nonprofits are able to focus more of their resources on their mission and impact, and less on donor acquisition and retention.

“As the YourCause Global Good Network grows, we have an increasing responsibility to innovate for our nonprofit partner community through technology, services, and now, strategic partner offerings. Charity Charge is committed to the cause of helping nonprofits take advantage of the enormous fundraising potential of credit card rewards programs. Almost one-third of the economic value of these programs goes to waste by not benefitting consumers or the causes they care to support. By introducing Charity Charge to our nonprofit partners, we hope to ensure the success of an exciting new fundraising and donor acquisition channel that will allow nonprofits to maximize their social impact,” said Brant Barton, chief strategy officer of YourCause.

“We’re excited to partner with YourCause to impact the nonprofit community at large. From day one, the leadership team at YourCause has made it clear that they are committed to further serving and supporting the nonprofit community through innovative and out-of-the-box tools, products and services. This partnership is a testament to the commitment to think bigger, and we are all looking forward to the good that Charity Charge and YourCause can do together,” said Stephen Garten, CEO & Founder at Charity Charge.

“Since Whole Planet Foundation started working with Charity Charge, our cardholders have earned thousands of dollars to directly support our mission and programs. Offering Charity Charge to our donors has helped to increase our recurring revenue and the engagement of our donors, who know they are helping Whole Planet Foundation with every purchase they make,” explained Olivia Hayden, Digital Fundraising Specialist at Whole Planet Foundation.

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