Can Orange Leap Be Customized?

Randy McCabe October 19, 2012 Nonprofits

Q: Is the application customizable?  How easy is it to make the application reflect the way my organization operates?

A: Orange Leap is built to be customized to your organization’s needs.  In addition to internalizing your own business rules and operating parameters with Orange Leap, we can customize the name and order of fields for you.  Instead of using preset field names or orders, we can conveniently adapt the user interface to reflect the terminology your staff and volunteers use every day to discuss your particular environment – for example, we could include fields titled “student” instead of “client” or “donor” or any other unique requirements you may have.

Using the same everyday terms and language that staff and volunteers are accustomed to, makes it easier for everyone to input data, run searches, and generate and read reports.

Orange Leap also helps make defining fields easier with drop-down menus, called “pick lists” – which offer standardized entries for many fields.  For instance, instead of one user typing capitalized two letter abbreviations for state names while another spells out the entire state – you furnish all users with a defined list of options so that all entries are standardized.