Can I Securely Process Credit Cards And Integrate The Data Into Constituent Records?

Randy McCabe October 29, 2012 Nonprofits

Q: Can I securely process credit cards and integrate the data into constituent records?

A: Being able to reliably and securely handle credit card gifts is a critical and invaluable asset to your organization.  Orange Leap is fully compliant with the most widely accepted security standards in the industry – Data Security Standards issued by the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS). Credit Card information is not retained on the server, but instead is tokenized for maximum security.

Orange Leap captures the record of the actual payment directly – whether it is pending , denied, or accepted.  It can then automatically dispatch whatever your business rules dictate as the appropriate communication.  Depending on the circumstance, it can inform the donor if the payment was rejected: or, if the donation is processed successfully, Orange Leap can automatically send a thank you, update the constituent’s giving status, and can immediately inform donors if their latest gift now qualifies them for a new premium or new status.