Can Financial Reports And Routine Communications Be Automated?

Randy McCabe October 17, 2012 Nonprofits

Q: Can you automate routine and scheduled processes and events such as regular financial report or communications generation and distribution?

A: There are all kinds of reports and activities that are needed on a routine bases.  For instance, your executive team and board of directors probably want regular reports on how campaigns are progressing against goals, how well major donor staff members are generating donations, the return on investment of marketing efforts, or reports on other important financial benchmarks.  Your development staff may also want to schedule event – such as automatically generating and sending thank you notes to recent donors.

Your executive director might need to see a batch of reports on the first Monday of every month.  It might be a campaign-to-date report, routine event attendance, how much revenue your Web site has generated, or event sponsorship progress reports. You can set up Orange Leap to automatically use your organization’s business rules to update and refresh those sorts of reports with current information and then to automatically distribute them to the appropriate parties.