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Author: Carmen Adamson 

As I talked with my colleagues and CSR professionals about what is top of mind, some key themes arose around reporting, volunteerism, and more recently planning social impact strategies through a recession. This year’s bbcon sessions for companies provide CSR and social impact leaders with insights and inspiration on how to plan for the long-term as well as use their employee engagement platform in new and unique ways as a tool that can bring employees together to support each other, not just a platform where they go to log hours or make a donation.

As companies start to look at what expenses can be cut back, CSR can feel like a luxury instead of a have to have. Our main stage session will be presented by CECP. Through their Strategic Investor Initiative, CECP has been developing research to understand and compare how corporations develop long-term plans. They have collected many insights and created methodologies and best practices to help guide companies as they develop and prepare to present long-term plans to investors. Read their session description below to learn more.

Super Session: From Short Term Impact to Long-term Value Creation

Stakeholders are increasingly pressuring companies to communicate their long-term sustainable value. CECP’s Long-Term Plan Framework changes the conversation companies have with stakeholders, particularly with investors, from short-term earnings expectations to long-term value creation. This session will explore the elements of an effective long-term plan and help CSR professionals understand how to incorporate it into their CSR strategy.

Our breakout sessions will cover topics on grantmaking, re-energizing employee volunteerism, leveraging resource group technology and breaking down the building blocks for ESG reporting. We’ll hear from industry partners at VolunteerMatch, a corporate leader from TIAA and experts at Clermont Partners, The Fortune Society and more. 

This year we are hosting our Product Update Briefings directly following the bbcon sessions. Once you register for bbcon you can add the sessions for CSRconnect, GrantsConnect or NPOconnect. These events showcase recent product innovations and the future roadmap direction of our software solutions.

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Breakout Sessions

Leveraging Resource Group Technology

Hear from a Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at TIAA on how they leverage CSR technology to engage their workforce worldwide. TIAA utilizes features in their employee engagement platform in an unique way to provide a space where employees can come together, share stories and support each other. They leverage Resource Group technology as one of many connection points where employees can find common ground that gets them inspired to take action. 

Leveraging Technology to Create an Inclusive Grantmaking Process

Over the years the grant applications process has gone from funders accepting paper applications, manually researching and vetting every nonprofit applicant to a streamlined process that can all happen online. This has opened the doors for companies to partner with nonprofits around the world where they do business or have employees vs. just the ones in their corporate head quarter’s backyard. This session will dive into how companies can continue to create an inclusive grantmaking process through the use of technology to remove red tape from the application process and support a diverse applicant pool. 

Grantmaking When There is Always a Crisis

From pandemics to war to climate-fueled natural disasters| there is always a crisis affecting our communities in some way. How should Grantmakers prepare for a constantly evolving need cycle? This session will help Grantmakers think through how to stay true to their mission while also supporting their grantees effectively. 

Re-energizing Employee Volunteerism 

Companies and nonprofits had to get creative with their volunteer engagement over the last couple of years. Volunteering is back, but not in exactly the same way. What creative solutions do we keep and where are we still facing challenges? In this session VolunteerMatch will share some best practices for getting employees back out and volunteering, some of the challenges still facing companies and nonprofits, and some exciting ways to create stronger partnerships with nonprofits. 

Building Blocks for ESG Reporting 

A recent Mckinsey article on how to make ESG real states ” When a company determines the dimensions of ESG where it wishes to be good| it is making important decisions| with broader consequences.” Gaining a deep understanding of how your business could impact our people and the planet is what McKinsey refers to as ‘Next Level’ ESG practice. We recognize that ESG is a journey and we’re excited to see so many companies large and small embark on this journey. This session is designed to unpack how Blackbaud got started with ESG and provide the benefits for a business of any size to get on their journey today. 

CSR End of Year Review

It is a great time to start identifying Q4 program goals as well as review your program milestones and plan your objectives and strategies for 2023. Identify targets and timelines for October – December to plan for end of year giving and feel ready to enjoy your holiday season and ring in the new year.

Live Networking Sessions

Ask a YourCause Product Guru

These live networking rooms will be open to 50 people max to allow for dedicated time for attendees to talk to a YourCause customer success team member. Each room will have a specific topic to focus the discussion. Get the session details below. 

Learn more about using GrantsConnect for streamlining and automating the grantmaking process.

 Ask customer success all your questions about getting the most out of CSRconnect for engaging employees with volunteering, from managing one-off volunteer events to creating and tracking volunteer campaigns or pro-bono skills based volunteer projects. 

Ask customer success all your questions about getting the most out of CSRconnect for engaging employees with Giving, from running giving pledge campaigns, year-round giving or taking a hybrid approach and planning for matching gifts. 

Dive into the options for creating Engagement Elements, how to use employees resource groups and  using incentives to help increase employee engagement

Get a quick preview of how to pull standard reports, look at the insights dashboard and the extended reporting capabilities through the data feeds. Ask our customer success reporting gurus how to utilize the features to collect impact metrics for your program.

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