bbcon 2020 Sessions: What’s in the Lineup for Companies?

Katie Dunlap August 20, 2020 CSR Trends, Employee Engagement

We are almost one month away from bbcon 2020 and experiencing the entire event from the comfort of your home office isn’t the only groundbreaking change we’ve brought to the leading tech conference for social good. This year, everyone can attend completely free – that’s right. Three days of industry-leading content from experts around the world brought directly to you on-demand, free of charge.



For attendees eager to lead the way in social responsibility and meaningful change, bbcon 2020 provides countless opportunities to learn from social good leaders across various sectors. You will hear real-world examples of cultural and financial impact organizations’ experiences as they implement and embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity programs.


bbcon attendees interested in the corporations-focused track will be excited to learn our five major sessions address timely subject-matter in today’s CSR climate. Our thought-leaders will be addressing issues such as:


Expanding the Definition of Traditional Corporate Philanthropy to Include Employee Wellness

Due to employees’ needs and desires, corporate philanthropy has taken many different shapes over the years. What once was annual campaigns was quickly followed by programs designed and segmented to meet the needs of the individual employee’s giving passion. This mindset has led corporate leaders to expand the responsibilities of social good teams to become experts in giving, volunteering, diversity, inclusion, and most recently, wellness. Our panel will discuss how they integrated employee wellness into their corporation’s programs, discuss the considerations that need to be taken when adding wellness to your own programs, and provide insight from what they have learned along the way.


Bridging the Gap between Verbal Executive Support and Action-Oriented Executive Support

Executive teams have begun to give their full support to their corporation’s philanthropic efforts. Both internally and externally, executives are communicating their individual support for social good and answering the call for corporations to publicly strengthen their presence in CSR. In this session, we will discuss how to leverage executive support and turn it into future actions that will evolve your corporate philanthropic programs to make a lasting impression in your communities.


Inspiring Trust through Data-Driven Decisions and Strategy

Consumer and employee trust may be at an all-time low, but companies have data to validate and drive their philanthropic strategy. With this data, corporations can tell the right stories to prove their actions are effective and aligned with the corporation’s mission. Sit it on this session to discover successful analytic methods that have helped countless companies elevate their CSR strategies to meet the demands and concerns of consumers, employees, and its brand.


Managing Your Skills-based Volunteering in a Virtual World

Skills-based volunteering has provided a successful way to utilize individual talents for specific needs within the community, while also benefitting employees by introducing professional development and career advancement opportunities. It doesn’t hurt that they also leave feeling empowered by making a difference in their communities! The question has become, in a more-and-more virtual world, how can we continue to leverage successful volunteering? In this session, the audience will learn tactics used to convert in-person skills-based volunteering opportunities to virtual environments, how these virtual opportunities can be leveraged in future employee satisfaction plans, and see some real-life examples of successful transitioned events.


Creating a Seamless Employee Engagement Experience through Partnership and Integration

Being innovative and inventive in today’s employee engagement space is key to keeping your program and business thriving. The trick to doing this today is through technology integrations and relying on strong partnerships. During this session, Dell will walk the audience through how they leveraged both integrations and partnerships to achieve employee engagement success during a time when employees experienced isolation for the first time during COVID-19.



Five Technology Change Management Steps

2020 is full of changes and the same is true for grantmaking! This session will dive into change management best practices you can use at your own organizations.


Although we will be completely virtual this year, attendees will be provided the unique opportunity to engage with the presenters in real-time at bbcon 2020.  Our goal is to publish and present pre-recorded presentations while hosting each session live by the presenters to answer questions from the attendees at the moment and facilitate collaboration.


Visit our registration page today for these CSRworks sessions, to find the full CSRworks schedule, and to review the complete bbcon 2020 schedule!