Are There Any Tools To Make Data Entry Easier, Faster, And More Accurate?

Randy McCabe November 9, 2012 Nonprofits

Q: Are there any tools to make data entry easier, faster, and more accurate?

A: Orange Leap’s rapid gift entry system can save time and improve data accuracy.  Let’s say you have a stack of checks for your capital campaign collected at a recent event:  you need to get them entered, processed, and associated with the proper client record.  With the rapid gift entry capability of the system, all of the checks can be entered without having to repeatedly reenter any of the information all of the checks have in common – for example, that the gift was by check, that the gifts were donated to your capital campaign, and that they were collected at that specific event.

Manual and repeated entry of that kind of information is not only laborious and time consuming – it presents an opportunity for manual error to creep in.  The rapid gift entry system makes things at once easier, faster, and more accurate.