AMD’s 22nd Annual CSR Report Focuses on People, Planet, and Purpose

Katie Dunlap November 28, 2017 Employee Engagement

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As a global leader in the semiconductor industry, AMD delivers high-quality computing products while incorporating corporate responsibility programs and transparent progress reports. The core values that AMD highlights in their campaigns are environmental protection and societal benefits through volunteering, and technological advancement.

Their CSR report shows their efforts as it relates to three distinct categories:

  • People
  • Planet
  • Purpose

AMD is using their resources specifically to ensure the highest quality of data privacy and security, to promote the benefits of technology in our society, to steward natural resources in an energy efficient manner, and to ethically source all products to ensure human rights are never compromised.


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Prioritized as the first ‘P’ in AMD’s corporate responsibility platform, the development and global inclusion of their workforce is at the forefront of their minds in order to create a more creative, more productive, and ultimately more profitable company. To foster a culture of inclusiveness, AMD has expanded the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which suggest improvements to policies and programs within the company. Among these groups are the AWF (AMD Women’s Forum), AMD Pride LGBT & Allies, which is created to promote a positive and inclusive environment for the entire workforce, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and uAMD, which is an online learning and development community that shares best practices in the industry so employees can share what they are learning and gain expertise.

Along with the inclusion and development of their employees, AMD is working to educate the upcoming generation on technology and the importance of STEM research. Some programs that are being introduced in the classrooms are virtual reality technology, which combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning models to engage students of all different learning capacities and makes retaining key concepts easier. Another program helps to improve the technology gap in less developed nations. The assistance of the AMD All-in-One Technology empowers students and teachers to reach new limits with bringing digital access to an estimated 2.5 million students per year.



Guys head with galaxy AMD strives to apply the highest level of integrity and accountability for their global environmental stewardship. The company has prioritized energy efficiency and climate protection, with 2020 goals spanning supply chain manufacturing, building operations, and product energy use. AMD is currently the only semiconductor company with climate goals verified by the Science-based Targets Initiative, meaning they are aggressive enough to address AMD’s role in avoiding the worst impacts of climate change.

Not only has AMD been doing remarkable work with sustainability standards in their industry, but AMD employees have engaged in numerous conservation programs to improve their quality of life and the state of the environment. For example, AMD co-sponsored a worldwide “Eco Challenge” campaign that encourages individuals to adopt sustainable practices such as eating locally, carpooling and turning off electrical equipment when not in use. Employees set goals, track their actions, and share ideas with one another. The 2016 and 2017 campaigns have hundreds of AMD employees completing thousands of sustainable actions across 7 nations, ranking AMD as a top business performer in the Eco Challenge.



With the support of their entire workforce, AMD has made it a priority to invest their money, time, and technology in organizations that help strengthen communities worldwide. Last year, AMD employees donated over 9,000 volunteer hours and hosted their third annual AMD Cares Day of Service. This day is an opportunity for employees around the globe to come together to support their communities. Many volunteer sites chose environmentally friendly projects that aligned with AMD’s core values while others focused on eradicating hunger, working with the elderly or orphaned children, and promoting health and well-being.  

Reinforcing their mission on purpose and people, AMD is strongly committed to a supply chain that is completely ethically and responsibly sourced. They send annual assurance letters laying out expectations, identify “high-risk” suppliers, collect supplier data and are longstanding members of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), formerly the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), which strives to implement risk assessment and supplier engagement programs throughout the world. As of 2017, 100% of AMD’s suppliers have completed the EICC’s Supply Chain Responsibility training based on international labor, environmental and human rights standards that prohibit forced labor and human trafficking.


The Future

AMD has been a long-time leader in corporate responsibility, introducing charitable giving in the workplace more than 35 years ago. They are continuing to see success in their campaigns by innovating with the introduction of new programs like Employee Resource Groups, AMD Cares Day of Service, and even larger goals for environmental sustainability impact. Their ability to engage their employees with creative and effective platforms encourages a culture ambitious service.


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