CSR Industry Insights (Infographic)

Cassandra Bennett March 28, 2017 Employee Engagement

Twice a year we release our Industry Report which analyzes the data we measure from our corporate clients and their millions of employees. But there is always more data that we find that doesn’t make it into that report. This Infographic illustrates this additional data, and includes many CSR Industry Insights that you can use to make your program a success.


Infographic showing CSR Industry Insights



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2017 Industry Report: Additional Insights

We love sharing our data, but more importantly, we love when these insights lead to action. That’s why we are pleased to share these “additional insights,” which are just a snippet of what you’ll find in our bi-annual Industry Report. Together we can share, learn, and take action to build a strong culture of corporate philanthropy!

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Employee Insights

Not every employee engages with your CSR programs the same. In this section we look at the differences between employee type so you can cater your giving and volunteering campaigns to the audience that would garner the best engagement.

Full-Time Employee Averages

  • # of Charities Donated to – 2
  • # of Charities Volunteered at – 2
  • Unique Volunteer Events Attended – 2
  • Gave to 4 or more Charities – 4%
  • Volunteered at 4 or more Charities – 3%

Retiree Employee Averages

  • # of Charities Donated to – 3
  • # of Charities Volunteered at – 2
  • Unique Volunteer Events Attended – 7
  • Gave to 4 or more Charities – 19%
  • Volunteered at 4 or more Charities – 2%


Management’s Impact

The participation rate is almost twice as high for companies where the upper management is involved. Takeaway: Get buy-in and engagement from the executive level to boost the employee participation at your company.


Giving Insights

The Year-Round giving trend grows! We broke up the CSR giving by type to show what our clients were using. We then drilled down to discover the percentage who matched of those offering a specific giving type.

  • 69% Year-Round – 64% of those Offer Matching
  • 20% Both Year-Round & Campaign – 12% of those Offer Matching
  • 11% Campaign – 9% of those Offer Matching


Giving by Region Insights

We wanted to learn how regions affected the amount that employees donated. This is what we discovered:

  • 84% only give within the region they live.
  • 1.4x – Employees donate 1.4 times as much outside of their work region.

Takeaway: This is primarily due to employees giving to their Universities.


Volunteering Insights

We love seeing growth on our platform. These stats show that it’s critical to get employees engaged in the event creation process to have the maximum impact.

  • Volunteer Growth Year-Over-Year – The total hours volunteered has increased each year, and boasts a total 42% growth from 2014 to 2016.
  • Volunteer Impact – About 90% of all events with participation were created by employees.

Takeaway: Encourage your employees to create their own events to maximize participation.


Company Trends

We read between the lines of the data to discover trends that could help you decide on how to better plan your CSR program. This is what most of our clients choose in their programs:

  • Over half of companies cover credit card fees.
  • Payroll is the most popular giving type.


Processing Trends

  1. Monthly processing is the fastest processing cycle we offer.
  2. Clients with monthly processing have the highest participation rate.

Takeaway: Employees participate more when they know their funds are being quickly distributed towards its destination.


Nonprofit Connection

Nonprofits signing up for ACH is good for everyone. We’re constantly striving to increase the number of nonprofits registered so that employee’s money gets where it’s going quickly and effortlessly.

ACH Signups

  • 9,100 – Organizations who have registered for ACH.
  • 2,200 – Organizations who have registered for ACH in the past 6 months.
  • 10% – Clients who outreached to NPO charity admins saw a 10% increase in their ACH’s.


Keep Learning

Read our full Industry Report to continue your learning journey.