60 Seconds With Symantec

Cassandra Bennett July 23, 2015 Employee Engagement

The 60 Second Interview series features success stories from our Global Good Network, and a rapid-fire interview with the partner on how it was achieved.

We sat down with Ashley Savageau, Community Relations Program Manager at Symantec, to gain insight into the Take 5 Challenge, Symantec’s new employee volunteer campaign. Recognized in this year’s CR Best Corp Citizens list, Symantec offers employees volunteer grants as well as company matches for their giving. Check out what Ashley had to say:


1. Tell me about the Take 5 Challenge.

We’ve encouraged all Symantec employees to “Take 5” hours to volunteer this fiscal year. When an employee reaches the goal, they earn a jacket that we hope will serve as a walking billboard for our programs to other employees!

2. Why was the Take 5 Challenge first implemented?

Our company has been dealing with a lot of change in the last year preparing for a company split, effective at the end of 2015. As a result, we saw a decline in logged volunteer hours that we wanted to reverse on the new Symantec Giving Station (newly launched this year).

3. Describe the goals of the Take 5 Challenge and how has it impacted Symantec’s employee participation.

We have a five-year goal to reach an average of five hours of volunteer service per employee. We are hoping that we get at least 250 employees to reach the 5 hour mark this year.

4. Do you believe that this program has been effective against your goals? Why or why not?

We just launched the program last month and we have already seen 112 employees hit the 5-hour goal! We are very excited with our progress, and we think the program has been a great way to measure our five-year goal and reward employees who have contributed their time.

5. How does Symantec report and track the effectiveness of this program? Do you utilize any particular programs or software?

We use YourCause and the reporting functionality to measure our employee’s volunteer hours, along with some additional analysis with Excel including pivot tables and other formatting changes.

6. We love the personalization of the Take 5 Challenge. How do you see this program evolving in the future?

We see messaging or campaigns around taking 5 friends, choosing 5 new organizations to support, doing 5 hours of pro bono service, etc. The Take 5 challenge is a great start to expand Take 5 branding to other aspects of our platform with YourCause. This is a great way to communicate our goals to employees, so that they can be aware of Symantec’s goals and the different ways they can be involved.

7. We know that Symantec has great executive involvement. How have you been able to keep them involved?

The campaign started with an email from our CEO and CHRO encouraging employees to participate, and we are profiling other executives internally talking about how they plan to take their 5!

Thank you Ashley for giving us your time!