60 Second Interview: The Balancing Act at Samsung Semiconductor

Katie Dunlap February 20, 2018 Culture, Employee Engagement

The 60 Second Interview Series features success stories from our Global Good Network and a rapid-fire interview with one of our partners on how their success is achieved.


This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with our connection at Samsung Semiconductor, Cedric Evin Perry, and discuss the ways he is working to enhance the corporate social responsibility program at the Austin based branch. His responsibilities stretch far beyond Corporate Social Responsibility as a Communication Specialist, and we wanted to learn what strategies he utilized to keep the peace during a big campaign season.



Q: Other than running the Corporate Social Responsibility program, what does Communication Specialist entail at Samsung Semiconductor?

A:  I am in charge of internal communication among our branch. We have about 4000 employees here in Austin, so I send out internal newsletters about what is going on throughout Samsung Semiconductor, I run the Facebook page and our other social media accounts and keep them up to date with our events. I also work on promotional content and advertising for the branch. Since Samsung Semiconductor takes more of a regional approach with their corporate social responsibility decisions, I am also making all of those decisions for this branch.


Q: How much of your role do you dedicate towards managing CSR?

A:  While we use the YourCause platform primarily for giving campaigns, I am actually pretty busy year round with corporate social responsibility. Probably a little more than half of my week is spent organizing volunteer events, managing the communication that goes alongside CSR or finding strategic partners. We have annual events that the employees know about and are excited to get involved with and organizations in our community that we specifically target and build relationships with.


Q: What do your campaigns look like? Are they year-round, seasonal, include payroll, etc.?

A:  Our main giving campaign is during the month of November and includes credit card donations and employee payroll deductions. We encourage our employees to give during this month as much as possible, setting up recurring payroll through the YourCause platform and including donation matching. We also have a volunteer campaign during October partnered with the American Heart Association and work continuously throughout the year with the Central Texas Food Bank.

Samsung Semiconductors employees participate in the American Heart Association- Heart Walk.


Q: What tools have you used, YourCause’s included, to improve your campaigns?

A:  Since I have responsibilities other than just managing the CSR program, the YourCause platform has been a huge help because of its ease of use and its adaptability. Samsung Semiconductors has pretty tight security, but the YourCause platform can be customized so we only used the engagement tools that we need. The engagement elements keep our employees informed of upcoming campaigns and the consistency of schedule and payments is a plus for our employees too.


Q: How does the YourCause platform make your job easier with a role that isn’t solely CSR related?

A:  Being a partner with YourCause makes my job easier because I have my Account Manager, Michael, and the entire customer support team to solve employee issues as soon as possible. Having an Account Manager that knows what Samsung Semiconductors is trying to accomplish through its CSR program and being able to partner with him for ideas has made my knowledge of the platform greater and helped grow our CSR program.


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To learn more about Samsung Semiconductors CSR Programs and see the impact they are making in the Austin community, visit their website here.