60 Second Interview: PGE on Boosting Engagement with a CSR Video

Cassandra Bennett March 7, 2017 Employee Engagement

The 60 Second Interview series features success stories from our Global Good Network, and a rapid-fire interview with the partner on how it was achieved.

This month we sat down with Terry Clelen, the Community Involvement Specialist at PGE, to share the details of the success with their recent CSR video. Check out what Terry had to say:

How long have you been developing a video to kick-off your campaign?

We’ve been using fun and funny campaign-themed videos to convey our campaign messages, such as match parameters, campaign dates, payments options, etc. since about 2003. This year we added a second CSR video to show employees examples of the inspiration and passion behind employees’ passions and personal giving.



How did the focus or theme of the video evolve over the year?

We felt the need to bring the “heart” back into the campaign. While the campaign is about fun and fundraising for nonprofits, it’s also about learning about the needs in our communities and that we all have the power to address them in some way.


Who helped develop and approve the concept?

It was a collaborative effort among our team. Employees were invited to speak from their hearts about the organizations they support to remind everyone why PGE conducts the campaign and matches employee and retiree gifts.


How did that integrate into your campaign kick-off strategy?

The kick-off is intended to be fun and energize our leadership at the onset of the campaign, but with a captive audience, it was time to add additional substance into the mix of all the fun and frivolity in a way we could share company-side.


How did you decide who you would focus on?

Quote from the CSR Video.The employees who highlighted Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) in the video raised funds via a motorcycle rally during last year’s campaign by motivating rally participants to pledge online. This year, we invited them to our campaigner orientations to talk about how they did it, i.e. best practices for fundraising. We were all stunned and fascinated by the story, and were truly impressed by the remarkable work of the organization.

Gloria came forward and asked to be involved in the campaign. Once we heard her story, she graciously agreed to talk about it on camera.


Who helped produce the video? 

Our internal resources (video geniuses) were producing a different campaign video for our campaign so we used an outside resource.


How did you get buy-in to devote resources to develop the video?

We always try to bring “heart” to the campaign, but this year, our manager made the case. We had the perfect cast and crew, so it was wholeheartedly accepted.


What has the response been to the video in 2016?

Tears, lots of tears and a greater awareness and new donors for BACA! Joe Harrison, one of the stars, was invited to numerous local kick-offs after campaigners saw the video. He absolutely exuded passion for the organization.


Have you seen any increase in participation or mentions about the inclusion of this year’s video?

BACA received approximately $2,000 in 2015. In 2016, thanks to the video, it received $30,197.89 in pledges and fundraisers.