60 Second Interview: Citrix on Celebrating Employees with Cause Cards

Cassandra Bennett April 18, 2017 Employee Engagement

The 60 Second Interview series features success stories from our Global Good Network, and a rapid-fire interview with the partner on how it was achieved.

This month, we sat down with Jennifer Campbell, the Global Director of Corporate Citizenship at Citrix, to discuss their incentive reward program using Cause Cards for socially conscious employees. Check out what Jennifer had to say:


Please give us an overview of the Citrix Rock Stars program.

The Rock Star program was launched in 2015 to formally and publicly recognize the commitment and excellence of our Service Officers. Service Officers are employee volunteers in our offices around the world who make the volunteering and fundraising programs happen – ambassadors of generosity, if you will. We wanted to bring them out of the shadows and provide meaningful recognition.


Rock Star Citrix quote


A “Rock Star” is a Service Officer nominated by his or her colleagues because they go above and beyond by rallying their co-workers for volunteer events, setting up fundraisers, and contributing toward worthy causes.

Peer nomination is particularly meaningful and rewarding, and the ensuing accolades from their colleagues and leadership are very powerful. These people truly make their communities better…and enable employees to give back.

Cause Cards are given to both the nominator and the “Rock Star” winner. It’s a meaningful gift for these change agents who are so committed to supporting the communities where they live and work. The Cause Cards provide the flexibility to:

  • donate to the nonprofit of their choice
  • serve as a reminder to nonprofits that Citrix has different ways of showing support
  • drives employees to the YourCause site


Tell us about the process from beginning to end about how a Rock Star is nominated then chosen.

At the end of each quarter we solicit nominations in various ways:

  • We send out a companywide email inviting employees to nominate their peers.
  • Post physical and digital posters to remind employees to submit their nominations.
  • The HR team encourages their employees to get involved.

We review all nominations and select those which have multiple nominators and those who have clearly driven Corporate Citizenship in their locations.


Can you share details on how you announce, award, and communicate the winner at Citrix?

Tools with Citrix Cause Card QuoteFirst, the winners receive an email notifying them of the award at the beginning of the quarter. The “Rock Star’s” line manager and entire leadership hierarchy, including the executive team, are notified the day before the winner is announced.

A global employee email reveals the names, and links to an article on Backstage, our intranet site, where the winners are interviewed and announced with photos. Backstage has “like” and “comments” options, and it’s heartwarming to see the comments made by their peers.

We hold regional quarterly Service Officer meetings, and winners are announced to their peers here. At the local employee all-hands meetings, we provide a presentation template to recognize and applaud the “Rock Star’s” award. Each winner receives a USD 500 Cause Card to donate to the nonprofit of their choice.  The nominator receives a USD 200 Cause Card. In the case of multiple nominators, a name is randomly selected and awarded the USD 200 Cause Card.


Describe the goals of the Rock Stars program and how it has impacted Citrix employee participation.

The goal is to give visibility and recognition to Citrix employees doing positive work while also raising visibility for our volunteering and fundraising programs in general.

Service Officers are all volunteers, organizing volunteering and fundraising activities in their spare time, on top of their demanding Citrix day jobs.  They are the unsung heroes who make it all happen.


How do you measure success?

We measure the success of this program by the quality of nominations we receive. The quantity of nominations varies greatly, but the details provided show us the people in the company who are really making a difference.

We want to make sure the employees feel their own success through their rewards when they win – especially from management and the executive team. Examples of feedback include:

  • Thanks for sending this. These things go a long way to motivate people.”
  • “Thank you for being such a great example for our site. You are truly a cross-functional leader! I am proud and honored to have you on my team. “
  • “Congrats – you are a role model for all of us.”
  • “Congratulations on this great award… Very proud to work with an individual such as yourself.  Keep on shining!!”
  • “Congratulations. This is a big deal. Thank you for leading the way in the great culture of giving that we have at Citrix!”

This award is really a tool to remind people of the good work that is being done.