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A Closer Look at Data by Enterprise Size 

Author: Carmen Adamson 

Each year we analyze data collected from our portfolio of software for centralized social impact. The report looks at global trends, enterprise size, industry program trends and more. The analysis of employee engagement trends across enterprise size evaluates companies with 0 – 100,000+ employees. Data in this section shows engagement rates, volunteer hours, average donation, average company match amounts and more. CSR leaders can compare these metrics to their programs as well as estimate a budget to show leadership what to expect for participation and donation amounts.

The percentile ranking for each metric is provided, which allows companies to benchmark where their programs align with their peers. View the data to see if your company falls in the top 10% or closer to the median, etc. Consider setting realistic goals for getting started or that focus on moving the needle to get to that next level of employee engagement. Checkout the resources in our Corporate Social Responsibility Online Guide for customer stories, toolkits and more.

Online Resource Guide 

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies 

Small and medium-sized businesses continue to engage their employees with purpose in their work. For the second year, companies with under 1,000 employees lead in engagement rates and average donation amount. The insight that stands out the most to me is that the average gift per donor for the smallest company size is 120% higher than the overall average gift across all companies! I’ve rounded up a few other key insights that stood out to me.

Key Insights

$5,048 – The average gift per donor including company match dollars for companies with less than 1000 employees. This is 120% higher than the average gift of $1,248 across all companies evaluated.  

Companies with less than 1,000 employees saw an increase in volunteer engagement from 19% to 26%.  

Larger companies have more virtual volunteer hours. 30% of the volunteer hours at company size 100,000+ were virtual, while the smallest company size had 14% virtual volunteer hours. 

All company sizes at the 75th percentile have higher than 15 volunteer hours per employee. This shows that 25% of companies are performing above average for volunteer hours per volunteer 

We often get questions like; how many companies offer matching gifts or credit card giving? The report includes giving methods offered across all companies and breaks down giving methods offered by enterprise size as well as a distribution of dollars fund through each donation method.  

  The table below shows the percentage of companies that offer offline matching gifts. 

Company Size Offers Offline Matching Gifts
0-1,000 82%
1,001-5,000 84%
5,001-10,000 83%
10,001-50,000 77%
50,001-100,00 79%
100,000+ 67%

Offline giving accounted for 27% of the total donation amount. Employees are engaging with giving directly to the causes they care about, then logging a donation made outside of the platform in CSRconnect. It is important to consider offering employees opportunities to support nonprofits in ways they feel comfortable with. Giving employees a voice and choice can empower them to get involved with the causes they care about. Tune into this podcast to hear more about empowering employees with voice and choice.

How can companies use this report to create CSR strategies?

In addition to the exploring the 60 page report, join us for a live webinar. Chris Jarvis, Executive Director at Realized Worth will co-host this event and provide insights on the corporate social responsibility landscape as well as tips for companies looking to drive employee engagement. We will deep dive into the data and highlight three key themes:

  • Employee Giving: What has changed and current insights
  • Program Trends: How companies are using employee resource groups to boost engagement
  • Incorporate Diversity Equity and Inclusion: Different approaches for different companies

Learn more about how to use the report for benchmarking and get examples of what companies in the top percentiles are doing to achieve high employee engagement with giving and volunteering.


Deep Dive into the 10th Annual Industry Report

It’s never too late to start something new!

CSR software can help companies of all shapes and sizes launch and manage employee volunteering and giving programs. Having a platform in place to help manage social impact programs can be beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses that might not have the resources internally to fund the headcount for a CSR department. For enterprise companies that are looking to take their programs to the next level, software provides a tool to streamline processes and the functionality to evolve their programs as their local and global communities’ needs change.

YourCause helps companies launch or expand giving and volunteering programs through our CSRconnect platform. Our modern and intuitive solution delivers an engaging experience for employees to do good, while giving companies the ability to offer these programs with peace of mind knowing they are leveraging a compliant & secure solution.

The YourCause platform is backed by a customer support engine that not only supports CSR professionals managing the programs, but also provides direct support for employees and nonprofit partners using the platform.

With YourCause, you get so much more than a CSR platform! In addition to providing support for all your stakeholders, you will also be part of the Global Good Network. We are passionate about connecting our clients and sharing thought-leadership content like our annual Industry Report.

CSRconnect has the flexibility to start out-of-the-box or scale to a fully customized platform for companies with unique needs or the desire to create a global program. Whether your organization is looking to launch programs for the first time, get out of the game of manually tracking your efforts on spreadsheets, or looking for a new vendor, we are here to be your partner in doing good!

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