Infographic – YourCause Report Card: The 2016 Performance Review

Cassandra Bennett February 28, 2017 About YourCause

At YourCause we love looking forward by setting goals, creating projections, and innovating our product. But it’s critical to take time to analyze past behavior to properly understand the full picture / performance.

By evaluating data and numbers, we can decide what did and didn’t work to more accurately steer the ship into the future.

This “Report Card” infographic provides a snapshot of our year. Enjoy!



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We believe that a culture of transparency is important for trust and growth with our clients. This “Report Card” is an extension of that commitment to transparency, and we are proud to show our 2016 performance.



YourCause processed millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations in 2016. Here is a breakdown of how the employees in our client network gave their money:

  • 38.6% – Payroll
  • 23.3% – Offline Match
  • 11.5% – Credit Card
  • 11.4% – Payroll Match
  • 8.4% – Credit Card Match
  • 4%     – Cause Card
  • 2.3% – Volunteer Match
  • 0.5% – Offline Donations



YourCause added 53 new clients to our ever expanding partner network. These new companies required more manpower, so we brought on 7 new members to our Client Support Services Team. These are the Account Managers and Customer Advocates that help fulfill our passion of making customer service a pillar of our business. We take a lot of pride in our above industry average customer service, so we’re always happy to apply the resources to make sure that every one of our clients receives that high standard.

In addition to these new employees, we also expanded our language support. Throughout the course of the year, we communicated with international employees by supporting 44 languages through our email and chat.



Not everyone who signs up for a service will use it. With millions of employees signed up for CSRconnect, we boast a 59% active user rate.

Our user base is active in 160 countries around the globe. We love working with people from around the world!

There are 1.2 Million volunteers in total on our platform.


Inside YourCause

This holiday, we did something special: we split into 10 teams and were tasked with purchasing Christmas gifts for kids in impoverished areas. Each team received $1,000 from YourCause to apply towards clothes and toys for these children. The teams had to work together and get creative in finding the best way to stretch these funds to provide the best Christmas morning as possible.

YourCause employees love giving back. On April 31st, nine employees shaved their heads to raise awareness and funds to support children’s cancer research through St. Baldrick’s Brave the Shave event.

Our gender base is 53% female which far exceeds the industry average.

Our talent diversity includes:

  • 59.1% Caucasian
  • 20.5% Asian
  • 12.5% African American
  • 8% Hispanic

And of course, we love our coffee. YourCause employees consumed over 32,100 cups of coffee in 2016.


Conclusion: Looking Onward

These numbers are only possible through our partners. It’s the CSR professionals in the YourCause network who take initiative in getting employees involved in making a difference. With your support we will continue to innovate and build the best tools possible to make 2017 an even greater year.

Stay tuned to our blog to see what innovation we are making to our product, what employees are talking about, and what’s going on with YourCause.